Onsite IT support

Supporting Your Remote Support Onsite.

An onsite IT technician nowadays is not a necessity. When properly deployed, remote support can solve most challenges. Remote support providers through tooling have valuable insights into what is going on at the customer location and are able to interact remotely.

In international environments with global IT support, it sometimes can be challenging when your existing internal or external customer opens a new office where only remote support by your organization can be offered but a certain level on onsite support is needed. This due to initial installation and configuration tasks but also when due to hardware replacement.

In a fast-growing city like Shanghai, Blue Orange supports organizations with project- and subscription-based onsite and remote IT support directly by our organization or in such a way that we act as an extension of your remote/overseas IT department. We also corporate with international IT Managed Service Providers that have no physical presence in Shanghai but that need project-based onsite support at their internal and external customers.

Through collaboration with your overseas global IT organization, we are able to offer on-site IT support completely or partially coordinated by your organization. Our professional multilanguage support team, will ensure your customers get the same level of IT support as they get from you!

Onsite & Remote IT Support

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Our Services
  • HARDWARE - desktop, laptop, server, router, firewall, switch, AP, VPN, and cable installation, configuration, maintenance, and replacement. Including hardware repair and upgrading.
  • SOURCING - local quality sourcing & procurement in syncronization with your company IT standards and policies. For example arranging laptops and ensuring the right Windows OS images are installed and pre-configured to fully integrate with your DOMAIN/AD environment.
  • RELOCATION - professional packaging and secure moving support. Ensuring your IT equipment arrives and gets installed at your new office in Shanghai with minimal impact to the business.
  • EDUCATION - a new way of working due to new software, hardware or company IT policy? We help you educate and ensure onsite support to handle questions or unexpected challenges.
  • AUDITING - onsite office visits not only to audit IT and ensure compliance but also cleansing software, hardware, and infrastructure. For example verifying existing network setups from a physical perspective (cable mess causing disruptions), testing AD policies, inspecting hardware usage (BYOD), or ensuring GDPR/CDPR compliance.
  • LOCAL REMOTE IT SUPPORT - reducing and shorten the workload of your remote IT support.  A multilanguage local IT support team that understands the IT challenges in China. A team that can help you prioritize and pro-activily informs you about challenges ahead. Due to our local premise not only onsite at the customer but also at our office in Shanghai we are also able to offer 1st line  or 1nd line support.

Every organization is unique, and their technology solutions are as varied as their business themselves.

Delivering the right solution

We supply service options from remote support, response contracts, to onsite technicians, or any combination. Finding the right solution for each circumstance is a source of pride at Blue Orange.

Easy and Simple to Use

For effective onsite support, it’s crucial to establish a joint understanding the challenge. We are your eyes, ears, and hands onsite.

IT support solving unforeseen IT challenges at your customer’s office. Completely in syncronization with your ITIL standards including pro-active feedback and support.


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