.NET Core & Framework support

Developing quality web applications faster

Enterprise-Grade Web application Blue Orange has years of knowledge and experience in developing a .NET framework based ASP.NET web applications using C#.NET or VB.NET coding within a Webform or MVC based setup. The last 2 years we are supporting some our customers with migrating from .NET Framework/Standard to .NET core to enable them to run their .NET solutions not only on Windows Server OS but also on Linux Server OS to enable them to support cross-platform, microservices, scalability and Docker-based needs within their organization.

Microsoft .NET development and maintenance support

Our Full Stack .NET Support includes

App Performance & Usage Management

Monitoring .NET performance metrics and trace application requests in real time.

Code Profiling

Analyzing memory usage in a variety of .NET & .NET Core applications to find and fix .NET performance bottlenecks in minutes.

Error Tracking/Fixing

Webapplication & Web API .NET error tracking with complete stack (re) tracing, centralized logging and browser accessible reporting.

Continuous Delivery / Integration

Efficient development pipeline setup including dev, test, lab, and production environment realization using GIT, Docker & Jenkins.

Code Auditing

Securing your business applications to ensure user privacy and data security. Complete compliance reporting using OWASP, CWE, and dotTest.


.NET packaging support. Server deployment and RESTfull API migration support. Enabling SQL Change Automation. Server Specification Planning.

IT Services and Solutions

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