Data Protection & IT Security Support

Complete IT Security Support without compromise for all your devices.

At Blue Orange, we manage and support easy-to-manage IT security technology that incorporates ransomware protection. Using Cloud-based administration we maximize convenience and minimize hardware costs for our customers. If you are a small company with just 5 seats or are a mid-sized business with 1000 seats. We offer tailor-made IT security support bundles that fit your needs.

Ransomware Shield

Monitor applications, processes, and user that try to modify data. Blocks suspicious activity and inform you pro-actively.

Light Footprint

Proven technology with very small software and hardware footprint to ensure a very low impact on your existing IT infrastructure.

Rapid Response

Rapid response services from highly-trained professionals. Pro-actively monitoring and engaging to ensure real-time protection.

Easy Deployment

Effortless implementation. Single pane of glass, one-click management for all product

IT Services and Solutions

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Get GDPR & CDPR ready

Not only supporting anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-ransomware but also two-factor authentication (SMS/APP), endpoint encryption and endpoint security to minimize the risks of unauthorized access in case of a security breach.

Two-factor authentication

Preventing security breaches by validating users' identities for commonly utilized systems such as VPNs, remote desktop, Outlook Web Access and more. 

Enpoint encryption

Providing powerful, easy-to-use encryption for hard drives (FDE), removable media, files and email and enables full remote device management without requiring VPNs

Supporting the following technologies

Type TechnologyDescription
Endpoint Security SupportEndpoint ProtectionAntivirus, anti-malware, anti-phishing, firewall, remote administration for Windows and Linux based environments.
Mobile ProtectionIOS and Andriod mobile device management including anti-malware, antivirus,anti-phishing and anti-theft.
Server Security SupportFile server securityBlocking malware and infections. Scanning suspicious web and FTP traffic to protect your on-premise or cloud Windows and Linux servers.
Mail serverComplete mail server protection and anti-spam that eliminates all types of threats before your users receive it. Supporting Microsoft Exchange, FreeBSD, Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Suse, Mandriva, IBM Domino and Kerio based mail servers.
Sharepoint securitySecurity from malware spread via SharePoint that targets Windows, Mac or Linux.
Gateway protectionLinux /FreeBSD GW security that blocks malware and suspicious web and FTP traffic.
VirtualizationLightweight and resource effective VMware security software with scan de-duplication to boost anti-malware and antivirus scanning performance.
Remote Management SupportCloudbasedCloud-based security management that saves you money and time.
Azure VM basedCost effective solution to manage virtual, physical & hybrid environments.
On-premiseSecurity Management Center and Administration. Offering real-time network security visibility, reporting and management on a single screen.​​​​​​​
Data Protection SupportEncryptionEnsure data security compliance  with easily enforced encryption while keeping productivity high.
Backup/RecoveryComprehensive, reliable backup and recovery software protects entire business environment.
Data loss preventionProtecting your business from expensive data leaks. Identifies suspicious activities before they result in lost time and money. Supporting and securing BYOD devices.
Authentication SupportTwo-factor authenticationEasy to deploy two-factor authentication without the need of extra dedicated hardware. Including remote management and push authentication. Supporting SMS OTS and push authentication.
Network Security Suppoint Network Traffic Analysis Round-the-clock network security monitoring. Rapid detection and response. Deep and powerful detection. Easy to implement and maintain. IOT threat prevention. Advanced forensics through easy to use dashboard and analytical tools.

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