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Shanghai Blue Orange Science and Trade Co., Ltd, is a Managed IT solution and Services provider. Blue Orange was officially founded in Shanghai in 2013. Headquartered in Shanghai, Blue Orange has established several strategic overseas partnerships in Europe to offer world-class solutions and 24H supports.

Our core philosophy is enabling local and international start-ups and SME/SMB companies to have first-hand access to local and international IT resources. Through our MSP concept, we provide customers in China, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands a one contact IT service and IT solution to help them focus.

Within the modern cloud and mobile first environment, we test and implement solutions and services that enable the business to maximize the ROI of their IT investments. Due to our knowledge and experience, Blue Orange is able to help businesses decide, based on fundamental facts, which IT solutions and services work best in China and/or overseas and fits their business model.

Blue Orange HQ is located in the Songjiang Caohejing High Tech Park. This park includes businesses like Google, Aliyun, Mi, and other top 500 companies in China. Due to our location, we have direct access to our technology partners and providers.

"A strategy minded IT service provider that enabled us to focus on growth in China."  

J. van der Aar- Fittrixx Strenght Equipment

Our Stats

Some insights on what we deliver


IT cost reduction

Our IT synergy services & solutions, enabled our customers to reduce IT costs. By focusing on chain reduction, optimizing resource utilization, and applying strategic sourcing.



In 2018 our service level that not only made our customers happy but also our team. Our solutions and services are scalable, flexible, stable, and robust. Next stop 99,9%


New customer sites

We monitor, support, and manage IT infrastructures. From on-premise infrastructures to complete virtualized solutions and services in the cloud. In 2018 we added 8 new customer sites.

Our IT Partners & Solution Providers

We are experts on selecting, connecting, and implementing the right solutions. Delivering world class IT for your business.

We are looking for talent, knowledge, and experience

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Blue Orange | 岚橙
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Shanghai, China


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