Microsoft Windows Server Support

Running, maintaining, securing, and monitoring your on-premise or cloud VPS server

Microsoft Windows Server Operating Systems provide a solid foundation to your company's IT Infrastructure. Key features include security, access control, storage & backup, file management, user management, VPN, Hyper-V containers, and compliance by default make it an ideal choice for enterprise computing.

Blue Orange a IT service & solutions provider for remote server administration, support and monitoring, has deep technical expertise across all the latest versions of Microsoft Windows Server technology, and can help your business with planning, sourcing, installing, maintaining, securing, and monitoring your server environment across all features like:

- Active Directory Support/Role Management,
- Hyper V-Virtualization Support,
- Backup Support,
- DNS Support,
- DHCP Technical Support,
- File & Print Server Support,
- IIS Technical Support,
- Group Policy Management Support,
- Remote Desktop Services Support.
- 2FA Support.

Microsoft Windows Server

Complete Server Support

Blue Orange's Shanghai List Of Microsoft Windows Services:

Name Description
Windows Server AdministrationPro-active remote and on-premise server installation, support and administration. 
Windows Server MonitoringPro-active server, infrastructure and application monitoring using PRTG.
Windows Server TroubleshootingLet experts solve your server issues with SLA based troubleshooting support.
Server Performance TuningHardware, Software performance tuning. From adding more memory to optimizing your VM host and guest to ensure your server is performing.
Server Security AuditingDelivering a complete audit report to help you ensure your business your business IT infrastructure is and stays compliant.
DNS/DHCP ManagementExecuting DNS, DHCP, and IP address management to ensure your critical network services keep on running.
IIS AdministrationAdmistrating, Monitoring, Migrating and Optimizing your IIS web server to ensure your business applications keep on running.
Remote Desktop Services Management (RDS)Formerly known as Terminal Services. RD gateway administration withing a DMZ. RDS deployment. 2FA implementation. RDS client management. Desktop virtualization (VDI). Session Bases Virtualization. RemoteApps for deploying and managing key applications.
Active Directory Managed ServicesActive Directory deployment, migration, upgrades, hardening, consolidation and restructuring.
Exchange ManagementManaging and securing your on-premise, hybrid or cloud Exchange Mail Server. Installation & Migration support. Antivirus/Antimalware support using ESET. 
File Server ManagementAssigning, modifying, revoking filer server permissions/rights to AD users. Securing and monitoring files and directory. Monitoring file changes.
VirtualizationGuest and host virtualization administration.
Backup ManagementRealizing, managing, and pro-activily testing a complete backup solution that ensures business continuity. From a complete VM backup using VEEAM to file and folder backup on OS level using Windows Server Backup.
Patching & UpdatesManaged Patching and Updates to reduce down-time during working hours and ensuring mission critical applications keep on running.
Group Policy ManagementUser, group, printer and computer policy administration. Policy based registry management.
Print Server SetupPrint server administration. Printer driver management. Printer assignment management to ensure your employee have the right printer to print to.
Server Upgrade & Migration PlanningUsing Microsoft MAP to upgrade server, moving to a hybrid or complete cloud infrastructure.
Virus and malware preventionWindows Server en Microsoft Exchange virus and malware prevention using ESET.
MS SQL database managementCloud backup and disaster recovery. Diagnosing and resolving complex SQL Server issues. Remote Monitoring & Reporting, Development, deployment, implementation and optimization support. On-site enhancement consulting.
Software assurance & licensingHelping our clients move existing, on-premise hosting licenses directly to the cloud without requiring our clients to buy new licenses. Validating and auditing existing licensing structures.

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