Linux Server Support

Server management services and support

Blue Orange helps companies deploy, migrate and manage Linux based (open source) platforms at a on-premise location or in the cloud at Aliyun (Alibaba Cloud), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud platform, and Amazon AWS.

With more then 8 years experience in installing, configuring, troubleshooting, maintenance, and remote support, we at Blue Orange provide our customers with extensive Linux support capabilities for platforms running on-premise, at a 3th party server provider or in the Cloud.


Here's a selection of our pre-defined plans and what's included in each one of them. Feel free to contact us and we'll design a special, custom support package just for you.

Manage it all

We ensure your server keep on running in a secure way. Including maintenance and optimization.

Initial setup

Need support with setting up a Linux server so you can run your CMS, CRM, ERP, website, intranet, mail or database solution?

Admin Root Rent

Need a dedicated Linux expert for a limited-time only?

I need help now

Broke your whole server? Your CRM, ERP or website is down? Contact us and you'll have priority support & incident resolution ASAP.

No backup

You misconfigured your server and don't have a backup? Let us have a look.


Going live and need help optimizing, securing and auditing your setup. We know how to tune NET Core, NGINX, Apache, MySQL, MariaDB, PHP, SSL, and more. 

IT Services and Solutions

Need support or want to request a quote?

More then only server support

We help you installing and maintaining your CMS (Content Management System) that you are using for your website or intranet portal. We support the following well known CMS solutions: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Concrete 5 and TYPO3.

Beside these well known solutions, we also support any custom CMS, web based app or website that has been built using PHP, Node JS or .NET Core. Our system administrator can not only easily support you with installing and maintenance but our developers even can audit your custom application and help you identify possible security or performance risks. 

Running you own webshop in Europe or China? We support Magento, Woocommerce, OpenCart, and Prestashop. Complete installation and maintenance support on server level.

Running your own CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution on your own server environment or at a 3th party? Blue Orange support offers complete maintenance support including migration support.

Supporting MySQL, MariaDB, Mongo DB, MSSQL, Hadoop.

No idea how to setup a LAMP? Not clear if you have to choose for NGINX or Apache? Server response time to slow? Troubles with serving certain files? Need to setup a solutions with redundancy? Due to our development background and the fact we install dozens of web application every year, we know what works best for each situation. We offer complete web server installation and maintenance. From basic setups to complete web delivery solution including fully automated development, test and production environment using GIT. 


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