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Working at an IT company can be fast and stressful but that does not mean you should have a fast lane personal life full of stress. Lancheng values their employee and knows that in current modern society "family and friends first" and “personal health” often are forgotten. Therefore our golden rule "you should not bring your work to home". Sounds impossible? You are right. Sometimes there are exceptions but never it should become a standard!

Lancheng invests into their people and focuses on mutual trust and respect. We make sure our employee and customers are close to us. Why? Simple! Rather being in traffic for two hours a day, we want to make sure you have 2 hours a day extra for your personal life. Reducing unnecessary burden. Why should you not be able to enjoy breakfast and being able to have lunch at home? Why can't your customer not be living in the same compound?

And for those that love being outside visiting our customers and getting an adrenaline kick of making a deal! Not everybody is the same. So we ensure you get the tools, time and flexibility to adjust and take a day off. If you offer us flexibility then we offer the same! And when you notice the kick is getting less. No worries, we help you transition because your knowledge and experience of the outside will help us to change our company from the inside and train our next generation.

Smiling at work, smiling at home, smiling at my customers and smiling on holiday. That was the biggest change when I start working at LanCheng.

Julie C.

Product Lead


- Career Path Planning (CPP)
- Student Teacher System (STS)
- Learn what you love


- 8 to 4, 9 to 5, or 10 to 6, etc.
- Flexible, Open, and Respect
- No bullsh*t mentality


- Time for yourself, time for family.
- Great primairy and secondary benefits. 

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